Awatra Hana

Awatra Hana is the leading specialist in the era of anti-corrosives. We provide pertinent solutions to corrosion that is prevalent in the marine, oil and gas industries. Our unique, high performance coating composites are not only perfect for weathering harsh, operating environments, but are also effective in prolonging the life of your equipment and machinery.

Awatra Hana through many years of research, development and expertise, are able to offer leading solutions via our range of products. These products consist of superior anti-corrosive and adhesion properties, suitable for withstanding the harshest of environmental conditions.

Our range of products have been tested and complies to ISO12944-6, certified C5-M/C5- High Durability by SIRIM QAS, Malaysia and TÜV SÜD, PSB, Singapore – further attestation to the supreme quality of our products.


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