A full set of anti fouling paint. The new era of anticorrosive.

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Corrosion is a common and demanding issue that is estimated to cost the global marine industries about $50 to $80 billions a year in terms of maintenance of marine structures. Corrosion control through suitable protective coatings is therefore a major concern to ensure no disruption to the major operations within the industries.

The STABILIS STEEL COATINGS series is a result of the efforts of our individual and combined teamwork through years of research and development. It consists of different components ranging from shop primers to anti-fouling coatings designed to cater to various individual needs. A complete coating solution can also be offered to provide the ultimate protection.

The STABILIS STEEL COATINGS series has superior anti-corrosive and adhesion properties, making it suitable to withstand the harshest of the environmental conditions. It is also versatile and suitable with various subsequent coatings without compromising the performance of the whole overall systems.

It’s wide application window also meant that it can be easily catered to suit erratic schedules in the marine industries. All these advantages will translates to a lower maintenance cost for the owners.